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Mountain village motorcycle cross country race attracts tourists

Our news "boom, boom!" A motorcycle ran down the runway to the high slope, suddenly soared into the air, flew over the high slope and landed smoothly. On the afternoon of February 17, a wonderful motorcycle cross-country race was staged at the foot of Shiji mountain, wangyinggou village, Huangdao Town, Jia County.

Wangyinggou village, located in the east of Huangdao Town, Jiaxian County, is a typical representative of Chinese traditional villages in Jiaxian county. It was once rated as "China's top ten most beautiful villages in 2020". The village was formed in the Han Dynasty and is the hometown of an Chenghou, the great general of the Eastern Han Dynasty. At present, there are more than 70 holes in Laoyao cave, more than 500 trees with more than 100 years old, including more than 20 trees with more than 600 years old, more than 130 ancient buildings, more than 1000 meters of red stone road and 4 ancient wells. The green tile houses in the village are built according to the terrain, the ancient caves are scattered, and the streets and alleys are regularly distributed. From cave dwelling to cave dwelling, the remains of houses are original ecology. The traditional building structure is rigorous, and the stone carving and brick carving technology is exquisite, which reflects the architectural style and regional characteristics of the dwellings in western Henan, and has great historical and cultural value.

Mountain village motorcycle cross country race attracts tourists(图1)

During the Spring Festival, big red lanterns hang high in wangyinggou village, attracting many tourists to punch in. In order to enrich the connotation of rural tourism, the village not only organized yangko dance performances during the Spring Festival, but also spontaneously held a motorcycle cross-country competition on the third day of the lunar new year, attracting more than 10 motorcycle enthusiasts from houxiewan village, Pingdingshan City and Ruzhou.

The Party branch and the village committee of wangyinggou village organized two motorcycle cross-country performances in the fifth and sixth day of junior high school. On the afternoon of February 17, six motorcycle enthusiasts from wangyinggou village, houxiewan village and other places took turns to fight. The motorcycles soared more than 3 meters high, flying over high slopes and cliffs, and the tourists cheered.

Yang Mingshan, Secretary of the Party branch of the village, said that during the Spring Festival, the village received more than 10000 tourists from Jia County, Ruzhou, Yuzhou and other places.